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Community Artist Program

MaineCreates.com Community Artist Program

This is a member-only marketing initiative that rewards our members for promoting MaineCreates.com to other artisans and crafters in Maine. Members in return for promoting, receive advertising space on the home page, the most valuable and most heavily trafficked web page at MaineCreates.com

How it Works?

We provide our members with a unique “Coupon Code” that entitles them to distribute the coupon code to new potential members. New members can receive a discount off the annual membership if they have one of our members coupon codes.

MaineCreates.com members:

*Tell artisans and crafters about MaineCreates.com at shows, craft fairs, in their local community and through their professional network.

*Promote MaineCreates.com to others via email and other social networks to help build the online community.

*Teach others how to use the website by inviting them to their home, studio or shop to show others how to create/edit the creative profile web page and how to list a product for sale online at MaineCreates.com.

How our members benefit?

Each MaineCreates.com member receives an advertising credit for each new member that joins using their coupon code. We have three new ad spaces on the home page.

How to Promote?

Printed Material

1. Print out pass-outs that our members can take with you to shows and craft fairs. Add the MaineCreates.com member logo to your printed material. Get logos here.


2. Add your unique Coupon Code and direct people to the following website address. http://www.mainecreates.com/JoinMainecreates

3. Include the "discount off the MaineCreates.com annual membership” on the printed offer.

Options: offer the opportunity to teach someone if you are willing to show them one-on-one how to use the website. Add this to your printed material. 


1. Add the offer to your email signature.

2. email the offer to your network and email list.

3. Add the MaineCreates.com member logo to your website and include the coupon code and offer underneath the logo. http://www.mainecreates.com/Support.html

4. Add the offer to your Facebook page, fan page, YouTube videos.

How to sign up?

MaineCreates.com members need to email, [email protected] requesting to join the Community Artist Program. We will send you a unique coupon code.

Advertising Credits

$50 advertising credit= 1-month of advertising space (180x150 banner ad) on the home page and 1-week as “Member of the Week,” a home page link that redirects visitors to your creative profile web page.