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The only online marketplace and interactive advertising directory that exclusively markets and sells Maine art, crafts, goods, Maine foods and handmade-homemade products and services.

Hi, my name is Matt Zito, the founder and developer of the Maine Creates online marketplace and interactive advertising directory for Maine artisans, crafters, small food producers, gallery's, designers and the creative people of Maine.

Listen to the Story behind MaineCreates.com

Maine Creates mission is simple, to help Maine artisans, crafters, small food producers, gallery's and creative self-employed people market their businesses, promote their craft and sell products online, under a unified Maine brand. 

MaineCreates.com helps you market, advertise and sell more of what you make.

The Value in MaineCreates.com should be viewed as an advertising and marketing venue for your products and business first and a sales channel second. Advertising and marketing is expensive online. The web page views and click-backs MaineCreates.com will provide to you over a 365 day period are worth more than the cost of the membership.

Maine Creates is an Internet advertising and marketing tool that will promote your business online by connecting Buyers to your business through an Member Profile Listing, linking Internet visitors from your profile web pages at MaineCreates.com back to your website (linkbacks). Each member receives a Profile webpage to list their business or craft, including a description of their work, products and services, an image gallery to display a sampling of your products, contact information including your website address and email address. There is also a connect feature that both Buyers and MaineCreates.com members can contact you directly. Below is Whopaints profile webpage an Artist from Winter Harbor, Maine.

MaineCreates.com is an e-commerce shopping website that will list your products for sale both in the marketplace and in your Online Shop Web Page enabling Internet buyers to Buy products direct from you online. A cash register that automatically sells your products 24/7, 365 days a year. The ability to sell your products directly to buyers is the second value proposition at MaineCreates.com.

If you own a website and don't want to sell products through an online shop at MaineCreates.com that is ok as the Profile Listing will drive traffic back to your business or personal website through linkbacks on your Profile webpage, the Membership Directory and through the marketplace search result listings when Buyers use the search engine to find products your business sells. If you operate a website or a Blog you know the importance of link backs and having websites that are very relevant to your business linking to you.

MDZdesigns Profile and Online Shop website stats: (These are my personal stats from my profile page and online shop at MaineCreates.com)
-12 necklaces/pendants were sold thru my online shop.
-3,200 page views of my profile page at MaineCreates.com
-2,000 page views of my online shop at MaineCreates.com
-900 page views to my Blog at MaineCreates.com
-100+ click-thru's from my Profile page to my professional web page at mattzito.com and my professional networking profile at Linkedin. (This is link backs.)

You don't need a website to join and there is no web programming required. If you don't have a website your "My Shop," online shop web page will provide you a personal website to sell products online. Your online shop website address will be www.yourname.shop.mainecreates.com.

For example, my online shop website address at MaineCreates.com is www.MDZdesigns.shop.mainecreates.com

Getting started with MaineCreates.com is easy and super-fast.

Maine artisans, crafters, gallerys, small food producers, and creative entrepreneurs can be up and running in less than 15-minutes. After joining you will login to your account and view a simple step-by-step Quick Start Guide.

If you can click buttons on your computer and add images from your computer you will be successfull at MaineCreates.com. 

Add a product for sale in your online shop and the marketplace in less than 5-minutes.

Video - How to List an Item for Sale in your online shop.

Your online shop covers everything to sell products online directly to Buyers.

Sell an unlimited number of products from your shop with no listing fees and no commissions.

If you want to list 1,000 items go for it. No quantity restrictions, go ahead, sell as much as you can. The last thing we want is to slow you down. We want you to list as many products for sale as possible.

MaineCreates.com member Anne Dominick- SEWING Cats & Birds from Hancock, Maine says,

"listing a product at MaineCreates.com is easier than eBay."

Sell Locally and Globally.

To compete in today's global economy you need to do business not only locally but globally.

MaineCreates.com helps Maine artisans, crafters, gallerys, small food producers and designers sell globally through the online marketplace.

We help you sell online locally in your community with a unique feature called "Local Pickup."

When you list an item to sell in your online shop you decided whether to allow the Buyer to come and pick up the product at your shop, store or home. Buyers can see whether the Local Pickup for the product is available or not.

Buy Maine.™

Members can support other MaineCreates.com members and buy through the "Local Pickup" or have the item shipped.

MaineCreates.com does all the heavy promotional, marketing and online marketing sales work for you.

You will receive over a thousand dollars in value in online promotion and marketing for your products and services through the MaineCreates.com online marketplace.

Membership is very affordable for what you receive in return.

We are experts in online marketing having successfully sold over a million dollars worth of products online in our previous online venture.

Today we are assisting Maine artisans, crafters, gallerys, small food producers, designers and the creative people of Maine in marketing their businesses and selling products online.

MaineCreates.com WebSite Visitor and Pageviews Report: as of Nov 25, 2009, Urchin 5. We are averaging 7,000 visitors to the entire MaineCreates.com website per month.

7,000+ sessions (total visitors per month).

Online marketing in a box. You know its all about getting listed high in the search engines. MaineCreates.com Google PageRank is a 4.

You don't need to know how to optimize a web page for the search engines. (SEO or Search engine optimization).

You don't need to know how to build search engine friendly product pages. (SEF or Search engine friendly).

You don't need to know how to program keywords and phrases into your web pages. (Google Keywords).

You don't need to know how to submit every product you sell online to the search engines so they think your product is relevant.

We do all this for you. We have acquired many Top 20 listings on Google, Yahoo and MSN search engines for the MaineCreates.com online marketplace and we are adding more every month. 

Sampling Top 20 search results listings.

“Maine Crafts” -#8 Google, #9 Yahoo

“Maine Arts” - #18 Google

“Maine Handmade” - #2 Google, #1 Yahoo

“Maine Jewelry” - #10, # 2 Yahoo

Each Member receives a Blog webpage to connect directly with Internet visitors that view your Profile directory listing and online shop.

Did you know that artists and crafters that Blog about their products sell more products than artists and crafters that don't have Blogs.

Did you know that when you insert a product image into your Blog you will sell that product more often than if you just blogged about your product with no product images.

Did you know that when you add a "Buy Now" button on the product image and add it into your Blog you have the highest chance of success in selling a product through Blogging.

You can do all this through a Blog we have built for all members.

Managing your online shop is simple. Receive an email every time a product is sold from your shop. Login to your account, click on "Orders", print out the shipping address, ship the product, change the Order from "New" to "Shipped." The Buyer receives an automated email that his/her item has been shipped. That's it. Its that easy.

Video- Watch a Buyer purchase an item.

Super Fast Checkouts get the Buyer out the door quick. We have learned that the best way to close an online sale is to get the Buyer through checkout as fast as possible and provide them with no more than three payment options.

Your online shop checks out the Buyer automatically in three clicks. The Buyer is buying direct from your online shop.
You can accept PayPal, Amazon Payments  and Checks/Money Orders. 

Its all about getting the Buyer to say YES. You decide what payments to accept. You can accept just one form of payment or all three. All the money goes directly to you. Note* You need to have a PayPal account to accept PayPal and if you choose to accept Amazon Payments you need an Amazon account. To accept checks and money orders from buyers you do not need anything.

Video- Watch how you receive an order. It's so easy.

A few more things members have recently told us include;

The Harlow Gallery notified us in December that MaineCreates.com was the #2 traffic source to their Gallery website behind Google. MaineCreates.com provided more traffic to the Harlow Gallery website than Facebook and the Maine Arts Commission.

New member Miller Designs contacted us to tell us that she received a teaching/workshop class through an Internet contact via her Profile page at MaineCreates.com. 

I am so confident that we will help you in getting new business and that you will love the website that I am offering you a no risk guarantee below.

Our Guarantee

If after 30-days you are not completely satisfied with your membership, email us and we will cancel your membership and credit your credit card payment.

We accept MC, Visa, Amex, Discover and PayPal.

Maine Creates Annual Membership

$99.00 annual (365 days)

Click the Next button to setup up your membership profile and select a payment option.