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Mainecreates Day1

The Value in MaineCreates.com should be viewed as an advertising and marketing venue for your products and your business first and a sales channel second. Advertising and marketing is very expensive online. The web page views and visits by Internet buyers to your profile page, your My Shop page and your product listing pages over a 365 day period are worth more than the $99 cost of the membership.

The selling of products directly through your online shop is the second value proposition. You are probably wondering if products are selling at MaineCreates.com and YES, we are selling some products at MaineCreates.com. I will be honest, not everyone is selling products through their online shops.

What is happening is that buyers are contacting our members directly via the linkbacks to their personal web sites and through the email contact link on each members home page. We are hearing stories from many members about business relationships that are being formed through the contact details you can display on your profile page and My Shop page. A few stories include members receiving offers to conduct teaching workshops and courses for their craft. Our members are being hired by art organizations and stores that run art & craft workshops and classes.

Some recent sales have included Oceanic Solo - $37.00 a pendant from the online shop of MDZdesigns from a buyer in Yarmouth, Maine and a Porcupine Quill Basket $375.00 from the online shop of the Commons at Eastport from a buyer in Vermont.

MaineCreates.com Members are saying:

Tony Seger, Lovell, Maine, Western Maine Cultural Alliance.

“This is the best creative economy initiative I have seen yet in the state of Maine.”

Garry & Rosemary Levin, owners, Chapter Two, Corea, Maine. Shortly after joining MaineCreates.com we learned that Amy Hayes, The 2 Fireflies from Franklin, was interested in making a connection with us. After visiting their website, we contacted Amy and offered her the opportunity to retail her jewelry in our gallery. On Saturday, June 29th, Amy came to the gallery and we agreed to do business together.

Anne Dominick- SEWING Cats & Birds from Hancock, Maine says, "listing a product at MaineCreates.com is easier than eBay. I just love it!

At MaineCreates.com you can sell your products online through your own online shop, connect with our members through our online networking feature and interact through our member-only Forum.

Gallery’s are doing business with individual artists by connecting with one another through the online networking feature and Retail and Wholesale buyers are viewing products and buying direct from the online shops and buying by contacting members through the contact area on our members profile page and my shop page.

Many members are adding link backs to their personal, business web pages, Facebook and YouTube profile and fan pages as well and using MaineCreates.com as a way to drive visitors back to their web sites. Each member receives a FREE shopping Blog so you can promote your products in your online shop through your Blog.

There are just so many ways you can promote, market and sell your products at MaineCreates.com.

We have three videos for you below. How to sell and item at MaineCreates.com from your online shop, a video showing the buying process from a Buyers point of view, a video showing you how you manage an order received at your online shop. These three videos will give you a great undestanding of how the overall buying and selling works at MaineCreates.com.

How to sell an item at your online shop.


A buyer purchasing a product from your online shop.


Receive an order from your online shop.

Our Guarantee

If after 30-days you are not completely satisfied with your membership, email us and we will cancel your membership and credit your credit card payment.


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*All new annual members receive a complimentary one-one phone call with Matt Zito for 30-45 minutes to answer any questions you may have about setting up your interactive profile and online shop at MaineCreates.com. Matt will schedule this call with you within 24-hours of receiving your annual membership payment at PayPal.

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