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Mainecreates Day2

Why you should join today and what you can expect to receive in return for your membership.

The MaineCreates.com website Connects your Interactive Directory Profile with your business both online and offline.

Websites with online networking, e-Commerce and openess are the future in how business will be conducted online. The Kings of the Internet networks are Facebook, MySpace, Alibibaba, LinkedIn, and Twitter. The Queens of e-Commerce are eBay, Amazon.com, Etsy and many other niche marketplaces. The next generation of leading websites will be sites that combine online networking and e-commerce and have open systems. Websites that have open systems enable their members to bring in multiple forms of content and send out and sell multiple products and services. MaineCreates.com is this kind of open, new online networking, e-commerce website.

Your business will benefit from joining MaineCreates.com in the following ways.

1. You will meet other creative people from across the state of Maine through the website enabling you to build new relationships and contacts. Our online network called My Connections and Member ONLY Forum helps you build contacts with others in the community.

Connect online with other Maine Creates members and grow your business.

2. You will acquire new business by displaying your products online for galleries (wholesalers) to view and to retail Buyers. My Gallery displays images of your work on your Creative Profile web page, the Creative Works section of your Creative Profile describes your work. Add YouTube videos, facebook badges, Etsy buttons, link backs to your other websites or Blogs. Html snippet code can be easily added to your Profile page with a web page editor included in your membership to easily make changes to your Profile.

How MaineCreates.com markets your Creative Profile at Google.


Your Creative Profile promotes and markets you to prospective Buyers.

3. You will sell products directly to Buyers. An Online Shop that is simple to manage, sells your products directly to Buyers 24/7/365. You receive all the money, no listing fees, no commissions. Accept Paypal, Amazon Payments and Checks and Money Orders. Add 1,000 products or add 1 product for sale.

4. You will drive traffic back to your website and or have Buyers contact you directly about your work, business and products and services. Website link backs and Contact info posted on your Creative Profile and throughout your online shop incentives Internet Buyers to contact you directly, quickly and easily.

*All new annual members receive a complimentary one-one phone call with Matt Zito for 30-45 minutes to answer any questions you may have about setting up your interactive profile and online shop at MaineCreates.com. Matt will schedule this call with you within 24-hours of receiving your payment at PayPal.

We accept MC, Visa, Amex, Discover and PayPal.

Maine Creates Annual Membership

$99.00 annual (365 days)

Our Guarantee

If after 30-days you are not completely satisfied with your membership, email us and we will cancel your membership and credit your credit card payment.

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