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Mainecreates Day3

 The Quick Start Guide

After you join and login to your member account, you will view our Quick Start Guide. The Quick Start Guide gets you up and running at MaineCreates.com immediately. I have attached a few of the screen shots from the Quick Start Guide below.

Quick Start Guide- Create your Profile and Setup your Online Shop.

After you login to your account you will see this webpage called the Quick Start Guide. The first thing you want to do is work on creating your Profile. Place your mouse over the Control Panel button to the far right. A menu drop down panel will display like below. This is where you manage your entire account, profile, connections and online shop. You will notice a Help Resources column to the right and we have a member Forum located under the Connect column these are good resources to help you navigate MaineCreates.

Setup your Creative Profile Interactive Directory in three easy steps.

1. Creative Work -edit Click this text link. Here you build your Profile page. FCK editor is a text, image and html code editor. You can format your profile however you like. You can learn more about FCK editor by clicking on the ? icon. NOTE* To bring in html code click the Source icon button then paste in your html code. You can add Facebook badges, Etsy snippet code, embed your YouTube Video object code and more. Below is my creative work profile area for reference.


Setup your online shop in three easy steps. Place the mouse over the Control Panel, see the text links under the Sell heading. You manage your shop through the text links under the Sell heading.

1. Shop name -->Start by naming your online shop. Click on Shop Name-edit. See a example screen shot of the MDZdesigns shop name. Note* your shop name can have no spaces.

2. My Payments--> Click on My Payments. Set the payments you accept in your online shop. You decide. See screen shot below of my online shops My Payments for reference.

Accept Amazon Payments by clicking the Amazon Payment text link.

Accept PayPal by clicking the PayPal text link then, enter your PayPal address, click save.

Accept Checks & Money Orders by clicking the Check And Money Order text link then, entering your mailing address, click save. 

NOTE* The checkmark next to the payment type means you accept this payment type. To cancel or remove a payment type click the "X". You can always add or remove payment types at any time.

3. My Shipping--> Click on My Shipping. Set your shipping policy, returns and refund policy. This can be viewed by Buyers. See screen shot of MDZdesigns My Shipping policy.

4. Add item for Sale--> yeapee, now you are ready to list items for sale. Click on Add item for Sale. The listing of items is a two step process. Its simple and quick. Note* to edit your item listing at any time, click on Items in my Shop-edit. You can edit the listing details, the images and the Shipping information. You can change anything.

Add images of your products and enter shipping information for each product in Step #2. We have a unique feature called Local Pickup. If you select "Yes" Local Pickup is available you can enable a Buyer in your local area buy the item online then come pick it up at your shop or home. The Buyer then does not have to pay for shipping.



Our Guarantee

If after 30-days you are not completely satisfied with your membership, email us and we will cancel your membership and credit your credit card payment.


We accept MC, Visa, Amex, Discover and PayPal.

Maine Creates Annual Membership

$99.00 annual (365 days)

Click the Next button to setup up your membership profile and select a payment option.