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Mainecreates Day4

How we market your business and your products online, also known as Search Engine Marketing or SEM. Through an automated software program we submit your businesses creative profile web page and your products for sale in your online shop directly to the search engines. Every time you list a new product we submit the item for indexing in the major search engines so that Internet shoppers can find and buy your products. We do all this work for you behind the scenes. Here is a simple video showing you how we do it.

Note* Videos best viewed in Full screen. Press the arrow button, then place mouse at bottom of video. See computer screen icon to the far right, click this for full viewing. If the audio is choppy, pull back the slider to the beginning of the video. The slider can sometimes catch up to the playing video.

How we advertise the MaineCreates.com online marketplace at the major search engines, also known as Pay-Per-Click Advertising. We advertise MaineCreates.com on keywords and keywords phrases that drive traffic back to the marketplace. Here is a sample video showing you how we do it.


We advertise on the search term "Maine Pottery."

We advertise at online websites like Downeast.com. See our Holiday campaign advertisement from Dec 1, 2009-Jan 1, 2010. We ran an advertisement in the upper right corner of the header. The banner was displayed at the top on every page at Downeast.com.


How we market the MaineCreates.com online marketplace at the major search engines, also known as Search Engine Optimization or SEO. We have optimized (hand coded) every web page at MaineCreates.com so the search engines known the relevancy and importance of our web site to the Handmade and Homemade market. We now have over 1,000 web pages inside the website, so we are getting larger and more important every day. MaineCreates now lists in the top 20 search engine listings for over 100 keywords and keyword phrases.

Sampling Top 20 search results listings.

“Maine Crafts” -#8 Google, #10 Yahoo

“Maine Arts” - #18 Google

“Maine Handmade” - #2 Google, #1 Yahoo

“Maine Jewelry” - #14, # 3 Yahoo


How many visitors do we have at MaineCreates.com? WebSite Visitors: as of Nov 25, 2009, Urchin 5
7,000+ sessions (total visitors per month).

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