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Mainecreates Day6

Hi, this is Matt. Recently at MaineCreates.com we implemented a new online search engine strategy with Google, called Google Shopping. Google has changed their product submission process (old name Google Base, new name Google Product Search) and now many shopping products are displaying in the regular search listings rather than solely displaying only in Google Shopping area.

We now submit every product listed at MaineCreates.com through the new Google Product Search. Our products will now start displaying in the "Shopping results"section of the regular search results listings. This is a screen shot I took today of one of the Commons at Eastport's products. You will see the product image (yes that is our product at MaineCreates.com) and then to the right is the product listing. The "Shopping results" section in the regular Google search results, lists 3 products for sale, with the first product listing getting the main image. The image there is the Commons at Easport's product



What you need to know to get your products in the new Shopping results?

1. Write very good descriptions of your products in the "Description" field when you are listing your item for sale (step #1). The better you can describe your item with specific "keywords" that make your item more relevant, the better the chances you have of getting it listed.

2. DO NOT add the words "Free Shipping" or place punctuation like "! @ #" in the Title field or the description field of your product listing.

3. Take really good pictures of your products. Please see our newest video in the member area under the Help-Resources column. (Step#2).

NOTE* In addition to this new submission strategy we continue to submit your products to Google through our regular search listing submission process.

Please join MaineCreates.com...Thanks, Matt

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