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How To Videos

Editing your Contact Info

Editing your Creative Profile (Creative Work-edit)

Listing a New Item for Sale - Add a Item

Essential Qualities of Taking a Photograph (2 videos)

Editing Tips and Editing software recommentations.

Adding a MaineCreates.com Member Badge to your Personal or Business Blogs builds a "Network Effect."

Login and Contact Info - editing your Contact Info including your profile image, website URL linkbacks, business name, address, email, passwords.-Place mouse over the video click on computer icon in lower right corner for Full Screen view.


Creative Profile -creating a profile that markets and sells your business. -Place mouse over the video click on computer icon in lower right corner for Full Screen view.

Add an Item - 3 Things you need to do to in Step#1 to help sell your new item.

1. Name your item - keep your item name simple and short.

2. Description - make sure the keywords that describe your product are part of the content in the description.

3. Tags-Keywords - we give you 6 fields to add keywords or keyword phrases. The first two fiels are the most important.

Watch the Video to grasp the full effect.

Taking Pictures of your products -it's all about your work. We shot 2 videos this morning with MaineCreates.com member Wendilee Heath O'Brien of whopaints. These videos talk about how best to take pictures of your products. One video for outside shoots and the other for inside.
Wendilee's images at MaineCreates.com are some of the best, so we wanted to find out her secret for taking great pictures. I have posted tips on editing below as well. If you have any questions about taking pictures you can contact Wendilee. Go to the Member directory, find "whopaints" go to her profile page, click "Connect" and send her message. Her direct email address as well is...
[email protected]

Use Natural light to shoot your pictures. This means always try to take your pictures outside. In the winter open a door from the outside to bring in Natural light. These two videos will show you how to take great pictures. Remember the better your pictures look the more appealing they will be to Buyers.

Essential steps to taking a great photograph using Natural light.

1. The camera must be parrallel to the picture plane (the item you are taking a picture of).

2. Use Natural light whenever possible.

3. Use the Portrait setting in your camera.

4. Fill the viewfinder with the entire picture leaving with equal edges on all 4 sides. These edges will help you see whether you have your camera parallel to the picture plane. Filling the view finder will allow you to have the largest file size possible.

Essential steps to taking a great photograph inside your studio.

1. Keep doorway open allowing light from outside to come in.

2. Be careful that shadows do not cover over the picture/item you are shooting. Tips: If your picture bulges in the middle, to avoid this, take pictures by moving your body away from the product and zoom in with your lense.

Editing Tips -Cropping your images is very important. You should always crop the image and remove any excesses that are not part of the image you are trying to display. If you have frames on paintings, crop the image so that the frames are removed or if you must keep the frame in the picture, crop to the very edge of the frame. -Save images as JPEG file, DPI 72, try to keep image size under 500k.

Editing software recommendations. -Photoshop Elements -retails $80 good for PC/Windows users. -iPhoto part of the iLife package with Apple good for MAC users. -FotoFlexer - free online image editor http://fotoflexer.com/

Look for:

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