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MATT Zito- MDZdesigns, Gouldsboro , Maine

Jeweler, Entrepreneur

MY Website: www.mattzito.com

MY Links:   www.linkedin.com/in/mattzito

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Oceanic Classic II   $47.00   Qty : 0

The elegance design - This unique stone pendant is my most popular design with women. This stone is granite. The look is classy and elegant. It looks great when the stone hangs below a woman’s neckline and is worn with a white button down and black or dark blazer jacket. The beach stone is charcoal with gray, black and white specs throughout the stone. This is a one of kind stone. I hand cut the stone so that the fine silver jump ring is small in size and slides around the middle of the stone. The leather cord is natural color, round, 3.0 mm in diameter. The necklace can be worn as a choker necklace as well. Oceanic is an earthy stone necklace design. The center hole in the stone is the size of a quarter. The actual stone is a size of a two quarters placed side-by-side, so it’s not very big and its not too small. The jump rings are made from Fine Silver, 99.5 percent silver. The stone is cut in my studio and the necklace is hand assembled. I apply a light finish of oil and rub off which gives the stone a rich and earthy look. Complimentary shipping is available on this item.

Materials in the item

Maine beach stone, silver, leather cord

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