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Bronze Urchin - Richard Klyver
Bronze Whelk - Richard Klyver
Pewter Halibut Sculpture
Pewter Salmon Sculpture
Pewter Mackerel Sculpture
Carved Fish

The Commons Eastport-Eastport,Maine


The Commons is a place-based gallery of works by more than 90 local Downeast artists and artisans. Located in a lovingly-restored 1887 brick building on Eastport's waterfront, The Commons is locally owned and managed, and open year-round. Our byword is "natural"; our .......

Sewing Cats and Birds--Anne Dominick-Hancock,Maine

I am a photographer and fabric patchworker. As photographer I currently, with camera in hand, spend many hours searching, waiting, and hoping for just the right thing to happen--right in front of me, of course. Cats, horses, birds, and detailed nature are my favorite topics. I also process .......

Sculpting with Pastels

One of the beauties of pastels is its dry layering. This is one of the few DRY mediums. This means if the artist has a delicate touch and flexible wrist, one layer after another can be applied allowing for the previous layers to show between the particles of .......