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WHOPAINTS, Winter Harbor , Maine

Artist, Teacher, Community Artist, Painter

MY Website: www.whopaints.com

Life of Art
Sculpting with Pastels 2009-06-24 06:42:03
Tags:pastel,color theory,rocks,seascapes,painting color

One of the beauties of pastels is its dry layering. This is one of the few DRY mediums. This means if the artist has a delicate touch and flexible wrist, one layer after another can be applied allowing for the previous layers to show between the particles of the higher layers. This becomes like a sculpture- it is 3 dimensional.
The other distinct beauty of this medium is because it is dry complementary colors can be applied on top of each other without making gray. Graying occurs when complementary (no not complimentary!) colors are mixed. Because pastel is...

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Asian Gold Leaf 2009-06-23 07:54:31
Tags:gold leaf,screnes,original art,Asian Ink Painting,oriental art,sumi

If you have ever seen in person, the old Japanese gold leafed screens, you know how much life they exude. No photograph can really do them justice for the gold and the pigments pick up all light and color changes around them.
The mineral colors are ground to 16 different consistencies. As the particles get smaller the color becomes lighter. This allows for a layering effect as well as larger grounds are applied above the more finer ones creating depth.
The whites are ground sea shells. I currently have about 6 different types, each one differs in shades of white,...

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volume 2009-06-22 06:37:42
Tags:painting,painting volume,light in art,light revealing volume,movement

I just finished an outside show in Bar Harbor. It is on the Green which is also a causeway for people to walk from one place to another. There are the folks who charge right past looking neither right nor left. Then there are those who casually swing their heads taking in the the volumes of work in an unfocused at ease way. Next half dancing the 'gaggle' of Canadian women joyous in each others company, asking pointed questions clearly celebating the day and friendship. Weaving in and out of the legs of the strollers chidlren chase each...