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MATT Zito- MDZdesigns, Gouldsboro , Maine

Web Developer, Entrepreneur, Jeweler

My Website :
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        Buy Maine -TM Top 10 at Google & Yahoo Search Engines 2008-11-06 18:07:39
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Weekly update:
We have started the online marketing and advertising campaigns for In the following days and weeks, I’ll be emailing about what we are doing online marketing wise, how we are different and why I believe will have a huge impact on our creative people over the long-term and truly change the creative economy in Maine.

“Maine Handmade Products” #4 listing at Google.

Notice our advertisement for in the Right column. We have over 800+ advertisements running online. If you search around on Google you’ll start to see our ads.

If you have not opened up an...

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How to Open a Shop at 2008-10-20 14:48:49
Tags:sell crafts online,sell art online,sell maine crafts,sell what you create,sell handmade goods online,sell creative services

To open an online shop you must first join You can join here

How to Open a Shop at
Step #1 – Login to – click on “Add a Shop” tab.
Step #2 – Click on Amazon Payments button – Open Amazon Payments account at
Step #3 – Verify email address by clicking on confirmation link sent by, Login to Amazon Payments.
Step #4 – Login to, Click Listing Fee Agreement, agree to Listing Fees and name your shop.
Step #5 – “Add Items for Sale” to your shop.

How much does it Cost?
We have partnered with Amazon Payments...

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Two Worlds Merge at 2008-10-14 11:57:53
Tags:Maine art,maine craft,handemade maine craft,artist online network,maine provisions,maine creative services

We just launched the new web site design and online shops at A member just emailed me and said, "Matt, very nice! I like how you’ve merged the two Maine Creates worlds." This is exactly what we have done. We have converged the creative people of Maine and what we create into a dynamic online community.

What’s happening at An update from Matt Zito.
-new web site design launched
-online shops e-commerce - sell what you create
-new image gallery
-new profile page
-Amazon Payments partnership
-the shop Blog
-weekly updates
-mission statement

New Site Design Launched
Buy-Sell-Connect. We have completed the major upgrade of the web site...

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