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HATI Modr, Harpswell , Maine

Harpswell artist, open studio, Oil painter, Teacher, Gallery owner

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Years ago , when I read "Follow your bliss", Bill Moyers' words , I never guessed that there would be a time in my life when I could do just that....the past 4 years have proved to be my most productive .....here on the Maine coast where light and consequent shadows are always changing, I am playing with color in my oil paintings and my emphasis has changed from still life to landscape. The process is a joy, and sometimes like a peaceful meditation.

    A quiet, pleasurable, attentive state of mind,creating art can appear to be an escape or a refuge, but to me it is just space. The messages in my brain are simple..."this line goes this way"....'I need more turpentine"....very simple cues with the painting telling me what color to choose next, what shade of blue looks great with the yellow next to it.

    How fortunate and grateful I am to be at a place in my life when I can be here, right now painting. I often think, I am the only person in this spot, at this moment, seeing this scene with the light falling just so, arresting my attention. That is an exciting place to be and I honor it.

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Currently, I have several comissions I am working on, which require me to identify with what the people who comission he works want. This is a challenge as every artist knows, and there must be a balance between what the artist is prepared to do and also please the client. Normally, I am only pleasing myself and using my favorite colors and angles and shadows as they appear, so I have to figure out how much leeway I have, and in this case I know that the client appreciates my "take " on the world, so I think it will all work out well. Challenges are good for us and keep us growing!

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