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Maine Creates is an online community for the creative people of Maine, a marketplace representing their products, creative services, knowledge and ideas connecting buyers and sellers within Maine and throughout the world.

Matt Zito, founder
Member, Maine Creates LLC
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Connect Online with Maine’s MOST Creative People.

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Membership in the online community enables you to connect with members throughout Maine, display images of your works, and to sell your products through your own online shop.

We built online networking into the Creative Profile membership so that you can build online networks for your business in Maine. The online networking features are similar to Facebook and LinkedIn web sites. Below are a few screen shots including "My Connections" "Possible Connections" and "Customize my Connections"

This is a screen shot of members that are in my online network. I can contact them directly by clicking on the mail message and sending them an email. You can send an email message to every person in your network as well.

Login to your account and click on "Customize my Connections" here you can tell the web site what type of people you are looking to connect with. You can add filters from creative disciplines, to where people live. Our system will then find new members for you that you can then connect with if you want. We post matches in your Possible Connectiona area, see below. Join Now!


Possible Connections are based on your filters you add in Customize my Connections. If you see someone you want to conect with click on their name and send them a request to connect message. If they accept your connection request they will then display in your My Connections area as a new member in your network. Join Now!


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